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Because I can


It's been a month since I hurt myself.

We were on a vacation trip to Corsica. It was the morning, and we were walking along a pebble beach, near a village called Porto, looking for the local crag to climb.

A cliff rose at the back of the shore we stood on. It took the shape of the front rim of a pair of glasses, with its lower midsection slowly descending into the water. One had to climb over a three-meter rock band to see what was on the other side.

When I escalated on the small rock to peer over it, about 2 meters and a half up, my foot slipped, and I toppled over, sideways, toward the stony beach underneath.

As I usually do when I take a fall, I yelled. Loudly.

The next thing I knew, I was trying to recover my breath. I laid in twenty centimeters of water, in total disbelief at what had just happened. I could feel a sounding pain all along my right side already pounding aggressively. I grabbed for my ribs. I instantaneously knew I had hurt myself. Julian rushed and kneeled down to help me out of the water. I could hear him shout: "Daddy! Daddy!". He was shocked and scared just as I was.

Jonathan, my eldest son, stood over me, blank, trying to fathom with the idea that his Dad had just taken a stupid fall right in front of his eyes. He thought I looked like James

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Well, of course, it is not entirely accurate. But let me explain my point.

Three weeks ago we went to Corsica with my family. It was the first time for all of us on the island. We arrived in Bastia early in the morning, swam in crystal clear blue water throughout the day, and we reached the tip of Cap Corsica late in the afternoon.

We had planned to camp outdoors during the trip. The tip of cap Corsica is

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Making excuses


I already wrote about this, but it continues.

I make excuses for all sort of things I do not wish to do. Since I am very good at listening to my justifications I tend to postpone and procrastinate, and some time for a very long time.

Two months ago I was ready to file my income taxes. All I had to do was press the button "send." But I waited. And waited.

It was when I received a reminder

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If I could learn


One can never know too much, and that's a good thing. Because of this, I can go on learning. When someone understands some subjects better than I do, let this person share his experience.

This way, I will have gained two things: the possibility to uncover something new and the satisfaction to have given someone the opportunity to teach.

Now I need to improve my ability to be patient and listen with genuine interest.

On working too much


I often hear the expression: "this person is working too much." But is she?

If work starts to ruin oneself, then one may be indeed working too much. On the contrary, if one's line of activity enriches one's life, one may not be working too much.

Isn't it more likely that one is merely enjoying oneself?

Call it quits


It is hard to tell when enough is enough. But when your project is spoiling your life, please, let's call it quits.

Where is my motivation today?


Last year I was very motivated and accomplished several sports performance.

Together with my friend Gilles, in April after I returned from Florida, we ran the 20km Lausanne semi-marathon disguised as jars of Eric's peanut butter.

A couple of months later I ran, again with Gilles, a forty-two kilometers trail run with six thousand meters of positive denivelation. I finished in the first twenty racers.

Next, I decided to climb the Miroir d'Argentine, solo. I made an initial attempt

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On jealousy


I've been envious of so many people throughout my life that the thought of it is embarrassing.

I was jealous of a friend because I thought he was more handsome than I, and girls liked him more.

I was envious of a family member because she traveled more than I did. I was resentful of another person this time because he was more successful in his endeavor, and I was not.

I thought some in my entourage had more money,

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It doesn't only happen to others

2018 08 18 4 LI

I honestly didn't understand I was mortal until I was sixteen and a half years old.

It is when I had my climbing accident that I found out that terrible misfortunes can happen to me too.

When I opened my eyes, I didn't feel any pain at first. I laid there in disbelief. I knew someone had fallen. I had heard him scream and guessed it must have been terrible. I didn't know who it had been though.

But I

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I have been painting for the past 15 years and running businesses for the same period.

A couple of years ago, I was without a project, and I spent most of my days painting. It felt great to create. It was fulfilling. But like many artists, I was finding it hard to sell my creations.

An old friend of the family is an accomplished artist. I contacted him, and we met. He showed me his work, we talked, and it

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For many years I've found it very hard to say No. I preferred to please, so I tended to say Yes. I suppose I was a people pleaser.

The other night we ate at our friends' place. The husband is a banker.

He worked at a big bank in Geneva where he held a prestigious position. Within the banking community, one could say he had the dream job.

Unexpectedly, he announced us he had just quit to become CEO of

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