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My phone uses the GPS system to help me find my way around. Like all of us now, I never get lost or arrive late anymore. So I am very grateful for this new improvement.

The technology seems so evident that I don't even bother understanding how it works. The thought of learning such a complicated subject rebuffs me.

It made me wonder why it is easy to assimilate some things at times and difficult at other occasions? I thought about this while I was driving, stuck in a traffic jam.

To learn how the GPS works it would be hard for me because I don't have the desire, not the necessity to learn. I could study it, I suppose. But it would take me a long time to understand its underlying process. And the thought of it bores me.

Why learn when one can use the system without the necessity to explain it?

On the other hand, let's imagine one morning one wakes up and jumps out of bed excited because one decides to undertake a trip to the moon.

You choose to build a lunar shuttle to take you there. Why not? No one has returned to the planet since the seventies. Rocket launchers are readily available now and become cheaper by the day. We already went there, so we know the way.

The number one issue is to land softly and safely on the surface. There is no GPS system around the moon, so it is hard

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quote it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing william shakespeare 56 73 44

I'm an idiot because I thought I had to take on risks to be successful. Hadn't my many years of climbing taught me anything?

One never takes unnecessary chances in the mountains. If you do, you may imperil not only your life but also that of your partner. So a climber will try to avoid any unjustifiable danger.

Throughout the many ventures I created in the course of my life, I don't think I listened to this sound judgment enough.

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benefits of plant based diet healthy diet plan

I changed my food diet a couple of months ago.

I regularly listen to Rich Roll's podcast. Rich Roll is an ex-drug-addict turned ultra-triathlete. He interviews bright people on different subjects including the domain of food. He is a fervent Vegan plant-based advocate.

I haven't fallen for the Vegan craze, though. The process of turning into a full-time Vegan seems daunting and complicated. Besides, we are made to consume meat. Why should we turn our hills on our abilities and

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friendships 800x445

Going about on an adventure with a good friend gives one more courage. It feels good to be two to tackle challenging and complicated obstacles. Two brains are better off than one to solve problems and share success. However, if you set a goal for yourself and you decide to work with a friend to accomplish it, beware.

Friendship is an affectionate link. Hence, such a relation can create irrational emotions when money or adversity enter the dance. In some

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The vineyards are splendid right now. This is my work in progress from my favorite spot "Le Toboggan" which is located close to Féchy-Dessus. From this location it seems one can slide all the way down to the lake.

Toboggan I et II

TobogganI-40x50-EricWare  TobogganII-40x50-EricWare


Petit Toboggan

 Petit-Toboggan-30x40-Eric-Ware  Vignes-en-tobogan-I-2735-Eric-Ware

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Painting by Modigliani

At Christmass my father offered me a biopic of Modigliani. This made me reflect that Modigliani was mostly drunk when he created his elongated portraits. In fact, many of the great artists of the past century happened to drink quite heavily as well. I wondered how they managed to go about their task while drunk.

Painting requires a high-level of concentration to come about one's vision, and alcohol impairs one's ability to reflect correctly. Drunken, it's hard

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booth art canton

Art Canton in Guangzhou China - Nov 2012

When I exhibited my artwork at Art Canton, it was exciting. I love China and being back there was a thrill. On the evening of the opening, I had just arrived from Hong Kong and got to my booth late. With some help, I managed to hang my paintings on time. I was enthused to show my creations in such an exotic environment. The next day was going to be a good day.

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Femme assise sur la plage 1937 Picasso

Not literally of course, but somehow it is a little true. When I was 7 or 8 years old we had a bookshelf in our house where one could find big and large books about Picasso. They were my mother's. His paintings and drawings really impressed me. But the picture "Femme assise sur la plage" left me perplexed. I wondered why one would bother painting such an odd figure. 

Yet, to this day,

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eric running

I have been running for so many years that I cannot remember when I first started. Probably, I undertook running while I attended boarding school in France.

Today, running remains an important part of my life. I am not good at keeping a log file when it comes to running so I don't know how many miles I added under my feet. In fact, I don't care. What I like about running is the ability to go out and run

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Terasse et jeux d'ombres, Vallon de la Lecque 04/2014

In a split of a second, all can be lost. Let's take the time to cherish, enjoy and love.


One my most beautiful adventure run: Col de la Forclaz-Bovine-Champex Lac-Fenêtre d'Arpette.Col de la Forclaz

Last year I organized several exhibitions to show my work. The end result was positive but it also put a strain on my motivation and energy.

The hard way
In short, I exhibited too far away (China or the Valais, were too far away). The dates I chose were too close to one another. Each exhibition was not built around a singular theme which made

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