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Dreams do come true

Yesterday, when I was cutting trees in the garden, I overheard my son Julian (10 years old) telling my daughter Elya (6 years old and a half) that it is important to live one's dreams in life.

Both were dangling in the air off a tree branch, comfortably secured in their harnesses. They were discussing matters of life.

My saw chain in my hands I was growling at the number of trees I had to take down. And I questioned myself. Am I living my dreams? What are my goals? Do I have any? I remembered some of the dreams I had some years ago. Did I achieve any of them?

I recollect that I hoped to marry a beautiful wife, visualizing her with a cowboy shirt in a wooden ranch-like house.

I married. My wife is beautiful. Sometimes, she does wear a cowboy shirt and the boots that go with the look. But she is pretty without all of this attire. We don't have a ranch, but we own three chalets in the mountains. The view of the Chamonix mountain range is breathtaking, and the setting is honestly better than the one I had hoped for in my dreams.

I fancied creating a family of my own.

I did. Of course, I could not have guessed what it would be like to have three children. I couldn't fancy how marvelous it is to see my kids grow into who they are. I had a dream and, again, it turned out to be so much better than anything I could have ever conceived. Two of them are still discussing up there in the tree, whatever things they have on their minds. I love them so much. They are my most excellent adventure.

I wanted to travel the world.

I did that extensively. We went to China last year. We are going to Miami next year. I also, want to take them to Hong Kong, kayak in the Caribbean's, horseback ride in Mongolia, look at the view atop Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaï, return to Africa, drive Route 101 in California. We are planning to do all this as well.

I wanted freedom and work on my projects.

I have been doing that for many years. Not always favorably, I admit it. But it allowed me to live many amazing experiences that I never thought to accomplish in my wildest dreams. I learned how to create websites, import plasma screens from Asia, create ski jackets from scratch, grow fruits in China and make peanut butter in Switzerland.

Some of my enterprises turned out to be too stressful, and I stopped them. I mourned them for a few years, tried to learn from errors and returned to doing something new again. Each of the things I did took me where I am today. I have no regrets only amazing memories, and rich experiences to fall

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