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Vegan, habits, temptations

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I changed my food diet a couple of months ago.

I regularly listen to Rich Roll's podcast. Rich Roll is an ex-drug-addict turned ultra-triathlete. He interviews bright people on different subjects including the domain of food. He is a fervent Vegan plant-based advocate.

I haven't fallen for the Vegan craze, though. The process of turning into a full-time Vegan seems daunting and complicated. Besides, we are made to consume meat. Why should we turn our hills on our abilities and start eating only plants? It doesn't make any sense.

The lion doesn't ponder on the question to ingest his pray, or does he? Nor most of the carnivore animals around us. So I am not a Vegan.

However, I do share some common grounds with the movement. For example, I don't agree with the meat industry. Shouldn't herds be grass fed only and raised with absolute respect? Meat should be more expensive and enjoyed occasionally.

I didn't buy into the Vegan thing but felt I should give the plant-based diet a try.

I didn't go all in. For example, I didn't stop my consumption of meat or dairy products, but I drastically diminished it. Now and then, I eat an inadvertent crumb of cheese and occasionally munch on a piece of meat. That's it.

Since I started this diet, my health has improved. I feel more energized, lighter, stronger. The results surprised me. I love running, and I can now go on very long distances without feeling any pains, and I recover faster. I sleep better also. My life has changed for the better.

I used to eat tasty butter cookies while I watched TV in the evening and when everyone in the house was asleep. I got rid of that habit as well. Not the TV. The cookies only. It was the hardest to do.

I hide the cookies away in the cupboard and with them went the temptation to nibble.

One can observe the following from the above experiences. Any temptation is inversely proportional to its accessibility. The harder it is to obtain it the less one falls for it.

When I want to change a habit, I do this now. I put the temptation away and replace it with something more beneficial.

PS: I am writing this line about one-year later. I am eating cookies again while I am watching TV and everybody is asleep. The apples are long gone. But my consumption of cheese and meat remain low.

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