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I am a creative person


It took me a long time to understand this, but I am a creative person. I love to imagine and build new concepts. I like to make things, and I am proud of it.

Why did it take me so long to understand this and fully engage in this direction? Because, when I was growing up it didn't mean anything to be inventive. There was no future in creation, or so people thought. "Don't dwell in art!" they said. "You won't be able to obtain a job." "You can't do anything with it." One had to avoid being too original. It was sexier to be a banker.

Thus, I wasn't concerned with the subject of imagination as I didn't believe I could create anything unique. I didn't listen to my inner calling which urged me to try out things for myself. Instead, I attempted to replicate what others did without questioning the status quo.

Things have changed. Creativity has become the new currency of interest. The numerous tools and technologies we have at our disposal to support an artistic career and promote ideas are mind-boggling. One can learn a new skill with Google in record time. It was not possible to do that when I was younger.

I am a creative person and embrace these new opportunities. I am delighted with what I do, and I love myself for it. So let's create something new.

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