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International Women's Day


Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. I believe there shouldn't be such a commemoration in the first place. This day shouldn't exist. Much like there is not an International Men's Day there should not be one for women.

Let me explain my position as a man.

If the workforce paid women as much as men, we wouldn't need to celebrate such a date.

However, it is not the case. Well established companies continue, with blind audacity, to pay women less than men for a similar position and similar education. How can this still be held true today in our developed countries?

Women carry babies for nine months and work at the same time. Shouldn't they be paid more to compensate for this extra effort, and for perpetuating humankind? Because we certainly can't do that.

If men didn't harass women daily, we wouldn't need to celebrate such a date.

Unfortunately, since women are either too sexy, show too much of their body parts, do not use appropriate language or are who they are, that is women, some of us can not refrain from drooling, hooting and even attacking them with contempt.

Henceforth, women have to fight back or run away or lower their gaze or do whatever they can to protect themselves and hide from our judging eyes and unwanted hands.

How can they become their true selves in such circumstances? Wouldn't it be the time that we keep our temper in check and dump our feudal thinking?

If women were respected, listened to and loved every day, we wouldn't need to celebrate such a date.

Women birth us, raise us, care for us, cherish us, support us and work hard for the general good. They don't whistle with disrespect at us. They don't pay us less because we are of the different sex and cannot carry babies. They don't look down on us with discourteous eyes. No, they ensure the continuity of humankind, every day and never complain. Can't we do the same?

Have we forgotten that life would be meaningless and unbearable without women?

Women are our counterparts, our partners. Men minus women equal zero. They are our equal. No, I take this back. Women are more than us. They are stronger than us. They are also more beautiful and more divine. They surpass us in so many ways. We should worship them daily as we adored goddesses in the past. God doesn't have a beard because she's a Woman. Jesus was Mary. Why not? Who knows.

Unfortunately, men still believe they are superior to women, so we continue to pay them less, we continue to discredit them and command physical or psychological power because we can.

So today it is the International Women's Day, and of course, it is imperial that we celebrate it with all the energy we can muster. It should be honored daily, every minute, every second until we consider women are more than us, and until there is no need for this recognition anymore.


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