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A couple of years ago, my partner and I had developed a new drink.

It tasted great, we used natural ingredients to make it, and the gross margin was substantial. If we could find consumers who enjoyed it, it was a business we could scale. But the brand name was wrong, the customer we were targeting was unfocused, and the reason why one should buy this drink in the first place remained unknown.

We had invested large sums of money in developing this product, so we wanted it to work. We tried to retweak the concept in all directions, to no avail. I was personally growing frustrated and desperate.

One of my acquaintances is a billionaire. He is a very successful entrepreneur. He is sharp in his statements, cunning and doesn't waste a second of his time on dull topics.

One day, we met again at a party. We were all nibbling on "petits fours" and chit-chatting. He was narrating his many adventures and how he had started his business which led to his current wealth. I was listening attentively.

Then, he asked me what I was currently doing. I explained my drink project in the best terms I could. I wanted it to sound like it was promising, but I knew it wasn't. I was in doubt, and it showed. He probably sensed it. I asked what he thought of my venture nonetheless. I wanted him to reassure me and to tell me I would be okay. But I

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Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. I believe there shouldn't be such a commemoration in the first place. This day shouldn't exist. Much like there is not an International Men's Day there should not be one for women.

Let me explain my position as a man.

If the workforce paid women as much as men, we wouldn't need to celebrate such a date.

However, it is not the case. Well established companies continue, with blind audacity, to pay women

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Well, to be truthful, I am not making anything right now. I want to create art, but I am not putting in the hours and nor the effort to do so. How can I expect to make something of interest under these circumstances? I don't give myself any chances to accomplish meaningful work.

What I wanted to do yesterday, I didn't do it then. Thus it didn't get done today, and I have nothing to show. I read somewhere that

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Once, while driving, I was listening to a Brian Tracy audiobook. He wrote hundreds of books on the subject of "Self Help" and sold millions of units around the world, and I wasn't expecting much out of it.

His voice is monotonous, which makes it hard to pay attention and remember much of what he says. However, one subject he was discussing, in particular, struck my attention.

He was addressing personal finance and how vital it is to save money.

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I often have this little voice in my head, and it's not always my best friend.

It steps in and starts repeating things like "don't do this now," "be careful," "you're losing your time," "she doesn't want it now," "come back later," "you're not prepared enough," "forget about it." It never stops.

All too often I succumb and listen and comply. I do this because it's comforting to obey and I don't get to do the hard work.

But how can this

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Today is a sad day. I feel depressed. I have no energy to do anything.

I have no orders in the pipe and, maybe this explains my mood. But this extra time should be an opportunity to advance in my work. It is also an opportunity to prospect and, meet with new customers.

But, I don't see it this way. The the only thing which feels right to do is to tell myself I am good at nothing. So I

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Yesterday, when I was cutting trees in the garden, I overheard my son Julian (10 years old) telling my daughter Elya (6 years old and a half) that it is important to live one's dreams in life.

Both were dangling in the air off a tree branch, comfortably secured in their harnesses. They were discussing matters of life.

My saw chain in my hands I was growling at the number of trees I had to take down. And I questioned

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It took me a long time to understand this, but I am a creative person. I love to imagine and build new concepts. I like to make things, and I am proud of it.

Why did it take me so long to understand this and fully engage in this direction? Because, when I was growing up it didn't mean anything to be inventive. There was no future in creation, or so people thought. "Don't dwell in art!" they said.

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This morning I delivered several cases of peanut butter to a client in Geneva. As usual, I left my car half parked on a crossing zone because the street was busy and it was troublesome to find a better place. I put the warning signs on and placed my "Delivery Notice" behind the windshield.

I grabbed my order and ran down to the depot. Before I left the merchandise, I noticed that one of the jars didn't have a label.


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I couldn't believe it. I was 42 years old, and it seemed I had to start all over again. How could this be possible? I had put so much energy in my last venture that I couldn't believe I had to start all over again.

Money was becoming scarce. My wife was scared. I was anxious. We cried.

We didn't want the children to know, but they felt the situation was dire. The only way out was to find a

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