The cart is empty

The jar


This morning I delivered several cases of peanut butter to a client in Geneva. As usual, I left my car half parked on a crossing zone because the street was busy and it was troublesome to find a better place. I put the warning signs on and placed my "Delivery Notice" behind the windshield.

I grabbed my order and ran down to the depot. Before I left the merchandise, I noticed that one of the jars didn't have a label.

Sometimes I forget to put a label on a jar. It's the result of distraction. But whatever the reason, I despise it when it happens. When I saw this, I was angry and cursed at myself. It meant I would have to drive all the way back down to Geneva to bring only one jar. It was a waste of my time and money.

Thankfully, I remembered I had some spare labels in my car that I could use. They were a little rippled, but they would do. So I ran back up. I approached my illegally parked car, and two police officers were about to give me a high fine. 

I begged for their mercy which they surprisingly yielded and left me with a warning which I was glad to take.

Today, an unlabelled jar saved me from a very significant penalty. Hadn't I seen it, I would be short of at least CHF300.

Call it destiny, chance or God's helping hand, but one can't help but wonder how these lucky strikes play out into one's life. 

Thank you so much whoever you are!

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