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Making excuses


I already wrote about this, but it continues.

I make excuses for all sort of things I do not wish to do. Since I am very good at listening to my justifications I tend to postpone and procrastinate, and some time for a very long time.

Two months ago I was ready to file my income taxes. All I had to do was press the button "send." But I waited. And waited.

It was when I received a reminder notice with a CHF50.- fee attached to it that I finally sent it.

Yesterday, I could meet with two more prospects. But again, I came up with reasons why it was not a good time to visit them.

Also, I started to feel tremendous pain in my ribs which I had bruised two weeks prior and felt like it was time to return home to rest. So I went back to recuperate and missed the opportunity to make new clients.

It's always like this. It's never a good enough time, and it never seems to change. What can I do about it? Nothing in particular, or maybe to remain aware of the issue.

Just as the act of making apologies not to do something I should be doing will never go away, overcoming excuses will continue to be a challenge.

Sometimes I'll forgo, and some other times I'll defeat.

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