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About running


Running has taken me to many places. I ran in the Cherry Orange farms of Nanfung (China) holding a stone in each hand to keep away snakes which slithered across my way. I also ran in the wild hills above the famous Hong Kong skylines, on the dusty dirt roads of Africa, on the frozen roads of New Zealand, on top of Ben Nevis in Scotland, on top of volcanoes in Indonesia, on the track and field of Tufts University in Boston, on the flatirons of Boulder, in the old port of Nouadhibou in Mauritania, on the endless beaches of Mexico, in the vineyards of Aubonne, on the Mont-Blanc in Chamonix, on the Tour d'Aï in Leysin, in the desert of Nevada with coyotes howling in the night.

I mostly run alone because it is easier and faster. But I also enjoyed many wonderful tours in good company, like the memorable runs I accomplished with my good friend Les Vierra up Longs Peak in Colorado.

Each run is an opportunity to do some small talk with oneself, question one's life, find solutions to issues. Running is also a mean to add distance from oneself and appreciate a situation with a different perspective.

Wherever we are one can create his own run and enjoy a moment of absolute freedom and bliss. It's easy because all it takes is a pair of running shoes. So what is your run going to be today?

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