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I started the "Squares" series because I wanted to try out something new, more abstract. I came across Gerhard Richter 4900 colors which he has been working on for the last past 30 years, using a method of random computer generated colors. Each individual spray-painted enamel square measures 9.7 x 9.7 cm and each panel of 25 squares is supported by Alu-Dibond.

I was instantly seduced and inspired. I wanted to paint squares using my brushes and my own self-inspired color placement. I drew a grid across a 100x100 cm canvas and placed five yellow squares first. Then, I advanced using complementary colors to build the painting with contrasts and added analogous colors to sooth the overall feeling.

This process is very challenging and time-consuming. It is difficult to contain lively oil colors within square lines. The stability of the composition depends on the playfulness of colors and the alignment of squares with one another.

These consciously chosen colors contained within rough-edged squares bring limitless creativity and a gratifying sense of control. I look forward to deepening my squares.

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