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Unconditional love

DSC 3006

 My very first painting, "Moon in desert" painted with olive oil

With my first child, I discovered unconditional love. It happened instantaneously. In a brisk of a second, I knew I loved him. I could give my life for him, on the spot. It was an uncompromising sense of certitude. It all came so fast, yet so naturally. I also understood that each time I may experience a similar feeling, it may probably mean I was exposed to true love again.

When I discovered painting in 2003 in Barcelona, it was a revelation. The need to paint had struck me as if I had been hit by lightning. I had to paint. I also knew I would be devoted to this activity from now on.

Two things I learnt from the above experiences:

#1: One needs to have children to understand unconditional love.

#2: If one loves to do an activity as much as he love's his own children, then one can be assured that he loves what he does.

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